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June 16th ,2007 Beverly Hilton Hotel
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LOS ANGELES, CA, May 23, 2007 - RP International announced a lineup of honorees including entertainment notables such as Forest Whitaker, Andy Garcia, Wes Craven, Brett Ratner, Katie Couric, Kent Alterman, Todd Field and Gary Michael Walters, along with Terry Semel of Yahoo!, Netflix topper Reed Hastings, Texas Instruments’ Rich Templeton and the Lions Club’s Jimmy M. Ross, among others as part of its 34th Annual Vision Awards.

The Award show took place at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills on Saturday, June 16th beginning at 5pm. Veteran Hollywood columnist Army Archerd co-hosted the show along with KTLA’s Sam Rubin as Retinitis Pigmentosa International honors those in the entertainment, business, and scientific communities who had exhibited artistic vision or visionary leadership in their respective fields, as well as those who have made significant contributions to the ongoing fight against degenerative blindness.

RP International and The Vision Awards have helped push for breakthroughs in both the prevention of macular degeneration through stem cell research, as well as creating a patented process called TheatreVision which is designed to allow the blind to enjoy and experience films in theatres through the use of special recorded soundtracks that describe the action onscreen complimenting the previously recorded sound and dialogue. Founder and President Helen Harris says that more than a few of this year’s honorees demonstrate not just a wide spectrum of vision and achievement, but also have a direct connection to the work of RP International, “Dr. Keith Black, who has done cutting edge work with research and surgical techniques to fight brain cancer and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Kristina Narfstrom who has had success reversing blindness in cats are examples of those whose achievements could soon have direct applications to our work as well. And honorees such as Russell Simmons and the Lions Club’s Jimmy M. Ross are shining examples of those who actively seek to give back and help others as they themselves succeed.”

Show producer John Wildman agrees, pointing to the grouping of honorees on the show as being truly unique, “The Vision Awards is a rare show that for one night brings together and honors people from the entertainment, scientific, and business worlds who have shown uncanny vision in their respective fields because that is emblematic of what RP International has stood for all these years - having the vision to protect and restore sight as we continue the fight against degenerative blindness.”

As in the past several years, The Vision Awards ceremonies were taped for broadcast in the Fall on the ION Network (formerly PAX), as well as KCOP, Direct TV and the Dish Network. For information to attend, contact The Vision Awards at (818) 992-0485.


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