With one of the greatest movie score composers of our time -- James Newton Howard who received the ASMAC Golden Score Award - Film Composition



Friday,September 29, 2006

Sheraton Universal Hotel | Universal City,California

What did they say about Metin?
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Metin contributed to ASMAC's efforts to support music education and movie score composition by donating one of his autographed prints for the auction -- REACHING OUT.

The producer of the smash event Scherr-Lillico and Adam Jackson posing with Metin's REACHING OUT auction print

In 1938, a group of composers and arrangers writing music for movies, being dissatisfied with the lack of appreciation for their efforts, decided to band together and form an organization to promote their general interests.

This group of arrangers and composers were outstanding practitioners of their art, and possibly, man for man, may not be equaled to the present day: Eddie Powell, Conrad Salinger, Walter Scharf, and many others. They dubbed their group "The American Society of Music Arrangers" (ASMA), the predecessor to ASMAC.

Despite the fact that they were also composers, they decided to stress their importance as arrangers, where their rights were sadly nonexistent. At that time, there were eight major studios, and each studio had its own thirty-five to fifty-piece staff orchestra on full employment. One of ASMA's first goals was to also be fully employed. When they tried to get a royalty for their orchestrations, they were dismally bound for failure, a situation that still exists in the 90's. They concentrated on other values, like screen credits, better working conditions, improved union scales, even parking privileges, and anything they could think of that might not be too objectionable to the powers that were.

The first president of ASMA was Robert Russell Bennett. In 1987 the name ASMA was changed to ASMAC, a belated recognition of the fact that most members were also practicing composers. The membership has now grown to over 500 and the goals and camaraderie are also continuing to expand by welcoming members who are, or have been, active in the preparation of music for movies, theatre, recording, television and live performances. Through monthly luncheons, seminars and master classes and workshops, and "Honor our Own" events, we strive to bring the long term members into contact with students and young professionals seeking to become composers or arrangers in an unofficial mentorship program.

ASMAC offers annual scholarships in both arranging and composing; and annually recognizes leaders in our field by presenting one or more of the following: The Golden Score Award; The President's Award; and the Irwin Kostal Award.


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John Clayton, ASMAC President


James Newton Howard's career started in classical, and evolved into pop music before turning his focus to film scoring. Lady in the Water, King Kong, The Village, Batman Begins, Peter Pan, Hidalgo, Signs, America's Sweethearts, Snow Falling on Cedars, The Sixth Sense, The Fugitive, Alive, My Best Friend's Wedding, The Man in the Moon, and Pretty Woman are just a few of his 90+ film score credits. In addition this multi award nominated composer, songwriter, and producer received an Emmy for his Main Title Theme for Gideon's Crossing and ASCAP's Henry Mancini Award for Lifetime Achievement.


Jeremy Lubbock launched his professional career as a pianist and vocalist in London and Paris, and quickly became known as an arranger, songwriter and record producer receiving 3 Grammy's and countless nominations. For the past 30 years he has worked with a who's who in the music business -- Quincy Jones, David Foster, Joni Mitchell, Chicago, Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Barry Manilow, Patti Labelle, Michael Crawford, Neil Diamond, James Ingram, Al Jarreau, Manhattan Transfer, Diane Schuur, Rod Steward, Toni Braxton, and the list goes on.

Supremely gifted Jeremy Bullock sharing a warm moment with Hollywood's one and only King of Charity Painter Metin

For a partial list of Metin's charitable contributions over the years, please visit CHARITY

Metin with Adam Jackson and REACHING OUT