"Metin  Bereketli is one of the Los Angeles art scene's fastest rising stars..."

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What did they say about Metin?
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"I remember being surprised, years ago, to find out Metin had become an artist. When I knew him, he had his hands full being a daytime soccer coach and nighttime and weekend actor ... and doing pretty well at both. It doesn't surprise me he turned to painting, however. He had a flair for drama and self-expression. Nor does it surprise me that he uses so much of that talent on charitable work. He's one of those people who always seem grateful for every day they're given, every breath they take, every opportunity someone puts in their way. People like that, like Metin, always give back more than their fair share."

Clifton Truman Daniel

"I am very grateful and I wanted to applaud your generosity in donating past works to a number of prominent charities. Thanks so much."
"You are greatly talented and have chosen to use your art in an admirable and worthy cause..."

Roy E. Barnes, Governor

State of Georgia

Spencer Abraham

U.S. Senate

"I wish to extend my thanks and gratitude for the donation of your painting "Dancers." It is obvious you are a very talented artist, and the City of Beverly Hills wishes to thank you for the donation of such an excellent piece of art work. It is admirable that you have given your time and talent with the gift of this painting..."

Thomas S. Levyn

Mayor, City of Beverly Hills

"Combining his tremendous artistic talent with his large humanitarian heart, Metin Bereketli is one of those rare individuals destined to make a difference in the world.

Metin and I first met when he volunteered his time and talent for the Triumphs Awards honoring doctors and researchers making significant contributions in the fight against leukemia and related cancers. As I viewed his portfolio, I noticed a photograph of Metin with childhood leukemia survivors. It was perfect for the Awards gala, but more than that, it proved that this was a man who was comfortable with charity and kindness towards others.

Metin and I continued with our friendship even though I moved to another non-profit organization. As a volunteer for Switzer Center School, Metin has donated his art for the annual South Bay Women of the Year Awards – for four years and counting. We’ve enjoyed the color and symbolism of “Earth Family”, the popularity of “Dancers”, the emotionalism of “God Bless America” and the uplifting spirit of “Creation of Love”. Switzer Center, a special education school, serves children with learning, social or emotional challenges. We are blessed to know this talented and generous man.

Shirley Tyler, Development Director

Special Educational and Psychological Services for Those With Learning, Social and Emotional Difficulties.

Switzer Center School and Clinical Services

"We are delighted to have these examples of your art work which have been done for such worthy causes. You are thoughtful to think of us, and Barbara and I appreciate your gesture of friendship."

George H. W. Bush

U.S. President

"Thank you for the good hearted, inspirational art work you have provided us. Your talents and hard work do not go unnoticed with us here in the Art Department... You have a colorful yet thoughtfull style that promises to take you to great places in this world..."

Matthew C. Jacobs, Production Designer

ABC Television Network

"Just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for helping my sets look terrific! Your artwork has been very useful in both the "Friends" and "Veronica's Closet" Television shows. It is not often that you meet an artist so dedicated to his or her Craft and supporting good causes around the world."

Greg Grande, Set Decorator


"Thank you for your work in support of leukemia research and care. I am pleased to know of your efforts and send my encouragement..."

Senator Bob Dole

"This is to acknowledge that Metin Bereketli helped to benefit the American Diabetes Association by exhibiting his art at two fund raising events held for the Association.

The first event Mr. Bereketli participated in was the Casino Caper which was held at the Los Angeles Athletic Club in October, 1998.

In December 1997, Mr. Bereketli exhibited several of his works at a Celebrity Waiters event which was held in the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles.

At both functions, Mr. Bereketli offered a percentage of the sales of his paintings to the American Diabetes Association. On behalf of the Association, I wish to express our gratitude to Mr. Bereketli for his support.

Linda Gledhill, Area Executive Director

American Diabetes Association

"Thank you very much for sharing a signed copy of the poster you created for the 1997 National Conference on Women & HIV. Your handsome work of art arrived in perfect condition. On behalf of the 3.9 Million American citizens who constitute the people of Puerto Rico, I acknowledge with gratitude your thoughtfulness and solidarity..."

Pedro Rossello

Governor, Puerto Rico

"Thank you for the lovely -- and uplifting -- poster you delivered to my WLA office. And another thank you for calling me "art lover" -- the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me..."

Cindy Miscikowski, 11th District

Councilwoman, City of Los Angeles

"I greatly appreciate the contribution of your exceptional talent and the support it generated at the recent Gold Star event. We are extremely fortunate to have individuals like yourself allied with us in a collective effort to make our world a better place."

Michael S. Carona, Sheriff-Coroner

County of Orange, California

"Thank you for sending me a copy of your excellent acrylic canvass "Forever Free." As a student of Lincoln, I appreciate your concept."

Cecil H. Underwood


West Virginia

Metin with talented actress Leelee Sobieski, who received an Emmy nomination for "Joan of Arc" and had roles in major motion pictures like Eyes Wide Shut, Deep Impact and Here on Earth.