Mark Spitz

9-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

What did they say about Metin?
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Considered the Greatest Olympic athlete of all-time, in many circles, Mark Spitz is synonymous with excellence.

He is world renown and one of the most recognized faces in the World.

In 2000, Mark was voted Athlete of the Century in water sports and one of the six greatest Olympians ever by Sports Illustrated.

Recently, the International Olympic Committee selected Mark as one of its five athletes of the Century.

Mark is a highly requested public speaker throughout the World. He has also executed endorsements for Xerox, Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, John Hancock Financial Services, General Motors, General Mills, Swatch and many others.

Mark will continue to be a very hot commodity as long as there is an Olympic Games somewhere in the world or the desire by a group to hear from one of the greatest living legends of all-time in sports.

Metin with Spitz in front of his painting GOD BLESS AMERICA