Honoring Red Buttons

1919 - 2006

Hollywood celebrities celebrated Red Buttons' legacy at a special party presented by Arthur Kassel at Century Club, Los Angeles, August 7, 2006. Hollywood's Healing Painter Metin Bereketli was among the selected VIPs invited for the special occasion...

What did they say about Metin?
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Monday,August 7 ,2006

The Century Club ,Century City
Los Angeles, California


Chuck Ashman & Arthur Kassel

Rubbi Jerry Cutler

Special Friends

Video Presentation

Johnny Grant

Honorable Gray Davis

Sheriff Lee Baca

Adam Buttons

US Marshall Adam Torres


Warren Cowan

Monty Hall

Marty Greenberg

And other Friends of Red

Host and Special Friends

Arthur M. Kassel

Mark Fleischman, The Century Club & LA'Tatou, Marvin Markowitz, Factor's Deli, Dr.Gladwin Gill, Producer "Americanizing Shelley" Tommy Mottola , Gary Winnick , Johnny Grant, Clif Smith, The Beverly Hills Courier , Marty Greenberg , Honorable Gray Davis, Rabbi Jerry Cutler ,Bub Lorsch, Mike Finley , Chuck Ashman ,Alan Purwin, Sheriff Lee Baca, Bob Dowling, A.C.Lyles ,Ed Lozzi, Gideon Kotzer, Norby Walters, Army Archard, Warren Cowan, John Campanelli, Classic Party Rentals.

Party Produced by EVENTUS Productions.

Humorist and well-known satirist with his own TV show Bill Maher was available to honor RED's artistic legacy

Doris Roberts, one of the award-winning mega stars of the all-time TV comedy hit EVERBODY LOVES RAYMOND graced the event with her lovely presence

The sharp wit, sharp dresser and Hollywood star comedian Kevin Nealon paid his respects one more time to Red Buttons

The gorgeous and talented "Mama" of the unforgettable MAMAS & PAPAS sensation of the 60s Michelle Phillips shares a friendly moment with Metin at RED's party

The veteran actor's actor Charles Durning with Hollywood's uniquely talented artist Metin who is widely known for his Diversity and Cities of the World series of original artwork

Metin and Adam Buttons, RED's wonderful son