Tony Curtis & Metin

Tony Curtis (born Bernard Schwartz on June 3, 1925)

Bernard Schwartz, better known as Tony Curtis, was born in the Bronx and started his career at the movies in 1949 coming from the theatre using at first James Curtis and later Anthony Curtis as names. He always tried to work in various genres in order to avoid being typecast. In the genre of comedy one has to mention e.g. Goodbye Charlie (1964) and at the adventures e.g. The Vikings (1958). That he is also able to play more complex and psychological roles he showed in The Boston Strangler (1968). Oscar-nominated (1956) Curtis also produced some movies and appeared after 1973 several times in different TV productions. His daughter Jamie Lee Curtis with his first wife Janet Leigh has followed her father successfully into the movie business.

Metin with Tony Curtis at the set of "The Immortals" (1995)

The "Healing Painter" Metin Bereketli is one of those rare artists who excelled in more artistic fields than one -- movies and acting has always been Metin's other "love." Metin acted in a number of films during his Hollywood art career. Here he is playing the character "Henchman" in "The Immortals" (1995), right next to the true Hollywood immortal himself -- Tony Curtis!

Metin-the-Henchman (2nd from left) looks sharp, doesn't he?



What did they say about Metin?
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Post Script: Tony (Bernie) passed away on Sept 30, 2010. We'll miss you, Bernie. You belong to all your fans, movie goers, and your loved ones. Rest in peace...