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News of Peace 2

30" X 30" Acrylic

The days of peace belong to the doves fluttering above our heads just like the serene nights belong to the distant stars in the heavens blinking from millions of light-years away.

Los Angeles-based international painter Metin Bereketli's NEWS OF PEACE - 2 synthesizes these two distinct but complementary foreground-background rhythms in nature through a triple-layered color metaphor (Red, White and Blue) that evoke an even more powerful meta syncopation throbbing in the heart of the same creation - i.e. the human longing for Freedom, Equality and Justice.

The red birds in Bereketli's vibrant painting symbolize the indefatigable yearning for Freedom that drives our fellow brothers and sisters to ever-new heights of courage and enterprise in all corners the world.

The color white stands for the mesmerizing purity of Equality and its deeply resonating and cleansing power in our souls.

The blue birds call for the noble cause of Justice without which neither our freedom nor equality would ever stand a chance of survival against the forces of prejudice and oppression.

The real "news of peace" that Bereketli portrayed in this painting of empowering vitality is the promise that the Freedom, Equality and Justice that we all yearn for is a dream that is alive and well, like these multi-colored birds of wonder shooting away in every direction across our big blue inner skies.


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