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ACRYLIC 20" X 24"
Honoring the Gipper (1911-2004)

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Ronald Wilson Reagan the 40th President of the United States of America, was a larger-than-life figure revered by people from all walks of life... for a simple reason: RWR was the genuine article.

You might have agreed with his views and policies, or you might not have.

But indisputable was the fact that Ronald Reagan was a straight forward honest man, a reliable leader who said what he thought and who believed in what he said, always sunny-side-up about better tomorrows, radiating a sense of well-being and goodness that was infectious.

So it is natural that in this FIRST EVER PORTRAIT of the Great Communicator since his demise on June 5, 2004, Hollywood's Healing Painter Metin Bereketli created a LAUGHING BLISSFUL RWR, embedded into the nurturing layers of the mother earth and the endless sky, breathing in and exhaling joy in the form of countless birds of peace that transform into patriotic flames in midflight.

This UNIQUE HANDPAINTED ORIGINAL ACRYLIC 20" X 24" PAINTING is available for sale to the collectors of fine art, as well as for EXHIBITION for charitable purposes.

Personally autographed REPRINTS are also available for fundraising, corporate and organizational gift programs.

To share this ORIGINAL 2004 PORTRAIT of RWR with all your loved ones, your readers and visitors, and the members of your organization, please contact Metin today at or call him directly at (323) 856-478.